A postgraduate degree is a qualification that you study for once you have finished a bachelor’s degree. The two main types of graduate degrees offered are the master's degree and the doctoral degree. Students pursuing doctoral degrees complete their master's degrees first and then move on to their doctoral level work.

Masters DegreeThis degree recognizes the advanced study in a specific academic discipline, and involves intensive course work that culminates in a thesis or a full examination. Masters degree require a minimum of 1–2 years of study involve higher-level courses and research.
PhD Degree
A research doctorate is awarded to a candidate who has carried out extensive research that has contributed to existing knowledge and has produced his research papers in the form of a thesis, dissertation.
The thesis must meet Charmo University standards and presents the outcome of the research, placing it in the broader framework of the discipline or field of study. it should be carried out under qualified supervision, study towards a PhD promotes intellectual independence and the capacity to embark on further research at an advanced level.

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  • وەزارەتى خوێندنى باڵا (١٠٠) ملیۆن دینار بۆ بۆردى توێژینەوەى زانستى تەرخان دەکات وەزارەتى خوێندنى باڵا و توێژینەوەى زانستى دامەزراندن و دەستبەکاربونى بۆردى توێژینەوەى زانستى ڕادەگەیەنێت و، وەک گرانتى یەکەمیش بڕى (١٠٠) ملیۆن دینار بۆ بۆردەکە تەرخان دەکاتعەباس ئەکرەم وتەبێژى وەزارەتى خوێندنى ...
    Posted May 7, 2017, 3:07 PM by Shelanah MohammedRaoof Salih
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